The words ‘Kung Fu’ bring to mind images of warriors locked in mortal combat, silver-screen heroes with superhuman strength, quirky wisdom and undefeatable immortality. But the real roots of Kung Fu focus not on the battle but on self-development. The ultimate goal of the way is integration of the mind, body and soul as a means to attain enlightenment of the spirit.  Monks of the Shaolin temple sought enlightenment through long periods of meditation, fasting and disciplined living. These heroes of 2,000 years ago combined techniques of mental focus with naturalistic movements they observed in the world around them. The power of this combination made them the spiritual leaders and the most learned scholars of their time – and the greatest warriors, perhaps of all time.

The Legend of Kung Fu

In 520 AD, the Indian monk Bodhidharma traveled from India to China. He settled at the Shaolin Monastery in the Hua Yin Mountains of northern China and began teaching his philosophy of Chan or Zen Buddhism.  Although they were enthusiastic and determined, his newfound disciples were not conditioned to endure the exhaustive meditation methods of Bodhidharma’s Hindu, Yogic Buddhist tradition. On the verge of failure, Bodhidharma developed a movement exercise in the yogic tradition, the eighteen hands of Lo-Han. By combining this physical exercise with their internal meditation, the frail monks were thus able to endure and grow strong. As time passed, and the wars of the world demanded, these teachings were developed into the combat form of martial arts known as Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is an ancient fitness program through which humankind can realize its full potential through better understanding, learning to set higher limits and standards, transcending rigid and false values and achieving harmony with the laws of nature and the universe. Kung Fu is a training with a useful purpose and leads to the learning of refined skills which will remain with the student for a lifetime and even longer.

Spiritwind Kung Fu

Our Kung Fu classes are a culmination of Sifu Chik’s training and give diverse experience in several styles including:

  • Shaolin Tiger Crane and Dragon from S.L. Martin
  • Seven Star Preying Mantis from Lee Kam Wing
  • Wutang Long Fist from Adam Hsu

Classes are designed to push the individual to overcome their own boundaries.  Violence and ego are not tolerated.