Cupping, also referred to as fire cupping, is a method of creating suction in cups applied to the skin whose oldest records date to Egypt in 1500bc.  The Archeologists in China have found relics dating to 1000bc.  Originally this was done by briefly inserting a flame into a horn or bamboo cup and quickly placing it on the skin before the vacuum is filled.  Now we apply an oil to the skin, most often the back, and use a glass cup with a smooth lip.  The suction draws “toxic” blood out of the small vessels to the fascia below the skin so the body can dispel it.  It often leaves red to purple circles that resemble a bruise for about a week (but are not painful).  This makes it a very effective method of relieving pain, increasing circulation, and cleansing.  It’s other common use is to dispel pathogens from the exterior of the body in the initial stages of colds and flues.